The Walk Of 6000 Steps

So yes at the weekend we decided to take the challenge and headed to Vall de Laguar and Barranc de l’infern and walk the 6000 steps around the valley.

The rolling mountains and deep river bed of the Marina Alta are a great place for hikers to enjoy the landscape.

Tucked away in the extremely quiet area Vall de Laguar (The 6000 steps) is a Beattock hiking trail taking in almost 6000 steps of the Mozarabic tail carved into the mountainside centuries ago.

Ascending and descending many times into the deep canyons and dry river bed of the Barranc de l’infern this is a truely stunning but demanding trail to face.

Again like true brits we didn’t start early, infact it was around 1pm when we started, and everyone else seemed to be coming from the other way, no one was going the way we were going.

We reached the bottom of the valley, well what we thought was the bottom, but no we were mistaken, what we thought was the bottom started to rise up again and over another mountain, to which we then saw that we were no where near the bottom…

From this view we quickly realised it was going to be a very long and hard day ahead.

We started our second decent to reach the dry riverbed

Only 8km done overall so far, and still a long way to go before we reached the dry riverbed

finally we reach the bottom of the valley and stood on the dry riverbed taking in where we had walked.

Soon it hit us that if came all the way down we would now have to go all the way up the other side… So regaining our breath we started the climb up the other side of the valley…

It just seemed to go up and up, and when we finally got to the top we could see just how far we had already come.

After a few more kilometres of hiking up we reached the top of the other side of the mountain…

Hooray we shouted, it must be just a walk around the mountain top now we said..

Oh we were so mistaken. We had only done half of the stone steps, we had to hike all the way back down the other side of the mountain back down to the dry riverbed the other side….

At this point I was losing the will to live, it had taken everything out of me and more. But reaching the riverbed again meant only 1 thing…. More steps and a very long climb back up what we hoped was the final mountain.

We finally reached an opening in the rock face where the Waterfall would normally be, but because we have had no real rainfall the Waterfall was dry, but the views were spectacular.

The final video that I have to post is of the dried up Waterfall, but it also shows where we walked down 1 side of the mountain and back up.

So the message to everyone out there who wants to attempt this hike. Be prepared, take plenty of good and drink, and realise that once you have completed your hike, you still then need to get back to your car, and will take at least another 30 minutes or so.

We will definitely do it again for sure, but our lesson learnt was to read up on the hike or any hike you want to do, so you really know what you are letting yourself in for.

In total we hiked 16km and it took around 6hrs or hard up and down terrain, but it definitely won’t stop us from doing it again.


10km between Calpe & Benissa

Yes we found out from a friend that there was a coastal path that led from Calpe across to Benissa so we just had to do it.

I have to say the sights along the way we’re spectacular.

Some areas were very narrow, and at 1 point we did have to clamber up a rock face and down the other side, but there was nothing to worry about.

We would suggest if you are doing it on a hot and sunny day to wear a hat and take plenty of water with you.

Along the way there were plenty of benches to sit and regain your energy before you start off again.

If you struggle with climbing steps then this may not be the walk for you, as over the course of the journey there is a very large amount of steps, and remember when you get to the end, you then have to come back again.

There were several coves that we walked through along the way, that we will be revisiting, but obviously parking our keep close by, so we can just walk down to the ocean.

Overall we walked about 3hrs there and back, so not a huge amount of time doing it, but that never included the times we stopped to take a break and have a drink at the port we came across.

So if you would like to do the walk that we did, and want more information on where to park and where the actual path starts then get in touch and we will be happy to tell you.

Show the sights of Valencia to friends

So a few days ago we had some friends arrive from the UK to spend a few days with us.

So on their final day before returning home we decided to take them to Valencia to show them the sights.

Valencia is a beautiful place anyway, but now with all the Christmas lights in the shops and around all the streets, it makes it extra special.

They really wanted to see the art and science park, as they had seen photos that we had posted up before, and yes, the views once again surpassed themselves.

We decided this time to walk all the way along the dry river bed, which is obviously now the park, and even found some amazing places we hadn’t seen ourselves from previous visits.

There was so many people around, but because the parks are huge, everyone had their own little space to chill and unwind on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

We continued into the old town, as was getting pretty hungry by now, so decided to stop by the main church in the city for a bite to eat and some refreshments.

This was mine… Yummy 😋 wouldn’t you agree

We fed our bellies, and continued on, taking in the sights Valencia had to offer.

As the day progressed and the sun 🌞 started to retreat, we decided to end our day with a Gofre with ice cream and chocolate sauce and chocolate brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce…

If you haven’t been to Valencia or are deciding whether to go or not, I would say it’s a definite yes 👍

We have now been 5 times as lucky enough to live only an hour away, and there is still so much we ourselves haven’t seen.

So if you are holidaying close, if live an hour or few hours away, then make the journey, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Photos of our previous visits can be found on our Instagram and Facebook pages, so go check them out.

New online store launched

Sorry guys and girls, I’ve been a bit quiet lately, the reason behind it, is that I’ve been creating and working on a new online store to work along side everything else we do.

The store itself is a retail store with hundreds of lines of products available, along with a section for personalised printed gifts and clothing

Couple of example pages are below:

Why are we doing this, well before we moved to Spain we had a shop on the high street in the UK and a printing business doing personalised goods.

Being that we travel, we have now struck a number of deals with suppliers to be able to drop ship the products direct from the manufacturer.

Categories we have in our store are:

His/Her Watches


Printed Gifts

Electrical Items

Just For Him

Just For Her

Hiking / Camping

Bags / Totes / Messenger

Marvel / Superheroes

Phone Cases

Party Products

Yoga / Gym Wear

So 12 different categories to choose from. And if there isn’t something we have on our site, then message us and we will be able to source it without a problem.

The website can be visited here


Get over to the page, subscribe to the website and we will send you a discount code for 10% of your order.

And if you are a returning customer, we will always look to offer you great deals time and time again, as we want you to keep coming back.

Here are a couple of gift ideas

Personalised Printed Hooded Blanket with whatever you want on it.

A his and her lava rock bracelet set currently FOC you just pay shipping

Link is here.

So take a moment out of your day to have a browse through the site and make your first purchase.

We would love to have you as a client

Day Out In Alicante

What a great day we had.

A trip to Alicante to firstly do a bit of shopping in Primark, then decided to check out another shopping centre and have some dinner.

Shopping done, now we are hungry, so time to eat

We enjoyed a lovely duo meal in Taco Bell which we haven’t had before whilst in Alicante.

After we filled our belly, we decided to have a walk along the sea front

We walked top the port and found a little walk we hadn’t done before which allowed us to get some amazing shots

We found this lovely area close to the port

And on our way round we actually found a bar called Coyote Ugly like the movie.

For the first time we decided to take a Boat trip to sea some amazing boats and views from the sea.

We would definitely say if you get the chance to go out on a boat ⛵ to do so, as it’s an amazing experience.

Unlike everyone at the port they have enough money to have their very own boats and yachts, we aren’t that lucky I’m afraid, so had to pay to be taken out on one…

Now back home looking through the photos we took and enjoying the day all over again.

The Big Challenge Is Here…

Thursday had arrived and it was time to push ourselves to the limit, and hike up the mountain and walk completely around it.

It was late morning and the sun was getting hotter, being that we were in October we didn’t think it would be as hot as it was.

We begin the climb, and start to breathe heavy early on… The climb was tough and quite step in places.

We took our time and stopped whenever there was some shade

At one point it looked like the track had stopped, but we had taken a slightly different route, which meant myself and Claire did a bit of rock climbing instead of going back on ourselves, where as Mandy and Carl went back and came up the correct route.

We could finally see the Forat which is the well known hole in the rock face that goes through to the other side of the mountain.

I thought that the hole you would be able to walk through, oh how I was wrong…

It was almost a hands and knees crawl through the entire hole to the other side.

But we did it, and the views were amazing

We decided to stop and have our pack lunch before we continued on to the fort de bernia which myself and Claire had already done a few days before.

After being fed and watered, we put our back packs back on and continued the walk.

This side was pretty easy, as it was a stoney path, some up and down tracks, but pretty easy going to say the least.

Once we reached the fort, we had another little break, before continuing around the mountain and down back towards the cars.

This was a great section as was not difficult at all, and enabled up to take in all the views from the other side of the mountain.

It just showed how high we actual were.

When looking on the view ranger app I was using it read 3894ft up

We finally reached the cars and reviewing the app I had running for the duration of the hike, we had actually walked 7.12 miles, walked for around 5hrs and ascended 3894ft. Which wasn’t bad going. I would of loved to of known how many calories that actually burnt… Must of been a fair few…

Anyway, we stopped at a restaurant in Pinos for a couple of shandys before heading back down the mountain onto the N332 and ventured home back to Altea. Not a bad day out if I do say so myself.

Everything Looks So Small From Up Here…

So on Tuesday we finally took the plunge and drove up as far as we could in the keep up the side of the Sierra Bernia. As we were driving up there was a sign that said “Off Road Vehicles Beyond This Point”

Then you know the road is going to get bumpy… As we were driving up there was a group of girls that looked like they had taken dad’s 7 seater up the mountain and got themselves stuck in a dip in the road, but a guy helped them turn around but from the look on the ground, they had damaged something under the car as they had a huge oil leak… Let’s hope they got down safely.

Anyway the journey continued up and up, some parts of the road were ok, some very scary

When we reached as far as we could drive, we parked up and got ourselves ready for a little hike, we hadn’t planned to go too far especially as it had just started raining.

During the first part of the climb we came upon this very intriguing door?

I hoped it was a cavern of some sort that you could walk through, but no it was fresh water coming through the mountain itself.

We continued on up, up and up the path became very gravely, and in some parts you couldn’t actually tell which way to go to get to the next path

We Are On Our Way Up.

We were actually surprised that when we reached the sign posts, it was only a 1km hike to the fort de bernia which would take approx 1hr 15 mins or forat which is the hole in the rock that goes through to the other side 1hr 30 mins, so we headed for the fort.

We couldn’t believe when we arrived how many people were up there, old and young.

What’s Left Of The Fort De Bernia

After a good look round and taking in just how high we were, and wondering how they got everything up there when they were building the fort, actually blew our minds… We decided to continue our walk 🚶 to see where the paths took us.

The path went further up, till you came to some rocks where you could see over the other side..

At this point it was getting cold and the rain was on and off.

You just can’t believe the beauty that is so close to where you actually live.

We continued along the path, to find more awesome views, and another long and windy track.

Don’t Look Down…

Claire went on, whilst I got some more shots for the blog.

Wait For Me…..

I have to say the views were breathe taking to say the least

Can Almost Touch The Clouds.

We continued walking to the next rock, before heading back, leaving the rest of the walk to others that were passing us by.

We stopped on a huge rock that had amazing views to get a couple of selfies.

Views From Above.

We started our decent which was a bit more trickier than actually coming up, as there was lots of very loose rubble.

When we were close to the car, there was a great spot to photograph the views. And this is what we got.

Living On The Edge.

We would definitely be returning to do the full walk, but today being Thursday we are climbing the mountain from the other side to the Hole in the rock called forat… Watch this space for our adventures later today.

To follow our photography of everywhere we go, get over to our Instagram page, or or videos you can view them on our YouTube channel, which are included on our blog account.